Learning to use R

R training

Note that I am now employed full time and am no longer offering R training. However, you can see some examples of learning guides and tutorials on my old academic R website. I have also written a quick introduction to R in 3 lines as well as some R tutorials pages.

If you are looking for customised R training in the UK, feel free to contact me for suggestions/recommendations.

R is an excellent choice for analysing & visualising data and here are 3 reasons to learn R:

  • it is free/open source software
  • it has a large user base (1-2 million) & is rapidly growing in popularity
  • it is widely used in academia, business & industry

In the words of internationally renowned statistician Bill Venables:

"[R] achieves a very delicate balance between the simplicity and flexibility of an interactive system for rapid exploration of data and the generality of a true programming language."

from Bill Venables' closing keynote talk at useR! 2012

If you're based near the West Midlands (UK), why not come along to one of our Birmingham R User Meetings, a free event for new and existing R users at all levels and from all backgrounds to meet, learn about and discuss R-related topics and to promote the use of R.